Why is 3D printing important in India?

Do I need to tell you how much technology has advanced? How fluently and how brilliantly it is growing? I don’t think so, because this is something we are witnessing in our daily life.

Can you imagine your life without the internet? Without TV, laptop, mobiles? Can you think of not having an online shopping option? How the diseases could be caught without big X-rays, MRI machines? Imagine if no traveling convenient and doing bookings by going out and standing in a queue for hours!! Well, this all is just a very little part of technological advancement. I can’t imagine the world without it now.

It is all about growth and similarly, the world has also witnessed growth in 3D Printing.


Needless to say that it is one of the most important and hit parts of technology. Spreading its arms all over the country, it is just raising the bar of designing and execution. 3D Printing Services Delhi NCR and in the whole country is now garnering attractions. Though it is not yet much developed in the country due to the importance it is gaining worldwide, now it is also becoming the center of attraction in India. But with the presence of some leading 3D Printing service providers, it will be known soon in the country.

Now let’s discuss some points that why 3D printing services Delhi should be known in the whole country.

It is a blend of software and hardware. The process of printing starts with a CAD- The computer-aided file that allows the immediate creating of object drawing. It is done to improve the manufacturing process.

In the 3D printing process, successive layers of materials are laid down in different shapes. These layers are not much thick, as there are multiple layers used in modeling a sample. This is also good in saving the material that takes extra and thick material in making molds. With this method, thin layers are used and material is saved. These layers can be solid, liquid, or any other material that is fused for making it.

If you are in this field and want a reliable service, then Plastipack Industries is the leading name in 3DPrinting Services Pune. It is a 38 years old company that is working on different fields and have been a consistent supplier to several FMCG sectors in North India. It is dedicated to the manufacture of Blow Molded plastic bottles and containers, caps closures, and has been representing Cimatron in India for the last 8 years. Additional capabilities were added over the last two years in 3D modeling, designing and producing prototypes, and small production batches. They have their strong foothold over the market and in the country.

As printing is improving the range of materials is also increasing and is allowing people to improve aesthetics, toughness, and/or functionality by varying the material arrangement within a part. From manufacturing small to big, anything can be made from 3D Printing.


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